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Astroid Mining: A technological and legal challenge

Categorie: Wetenschap

Speeltijden: 21:15 uur

Astroid Mining: A technological and legal challenge

Leiden International Short Film Experience shows you the world of science and short films. Watch two short movies, watch a short keynote by an expert and engage in a Q&A. This session is about Astroid Mining!

Space mining sounds like a futuristic notion, but several companies are already working on designing missions to extract valuable materials from asteroids. New technologies and the promising new applications of these materials form the basis for this development. What is unknown to most of the general public, however, is the legal aspect of those undertakings. This happens to be a major research field of Leiden University. With this session we want to bring this specific research to the attention of the general public and explore future developments. Our speaker will be Deepika Jeyakodi (Leiden University). Being a space enthusiast, she pursued an Advanced LL.M. in Air and Space Law from this university.

Joining us for a discussion session will be two astronomers from the Leiden Observatory, Andrew Ridden-Harper and Christian Eistrup, who would give us insights into the search for life in other solar systems from their own research.